Posting Images from External Website Links

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Posting Images from External Website Links

Postby boatbuilder » Sun Sep 17, 2017 00:17

I have just added a new Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) on the posting page that allows the posting of images linked from external websites which can be sized to display them at the user's desired size. This is an additional link to the original 'ResizeLink' which displays the image at a fixed size which is either the original size of the linked image or at a maximum width of 800 pixels, whichever is greatest.

The new BBCode that I have created- 'imagesize=' allows for the image to be displayed at any size chosen by the user, up to a maximum width of 800 pixels. However, a greater width can be chosen and the image will appear in the post at the greater pixel size displaying at the maximum 800 pixel width, but with a scrollbar at the foot of the image which allows the image to be scrolled from left to right, just as an oversized wide web page would have in a browser window. However, there is only one scroll bar as stated above which means that the image will display on the page at its full height which will be in proportion to its full width. This means that an image of size 1600 wide x 1200 high would appear on screen at a size of 800 x 1200 with the scroll bar to allow scrolling from left to right, so to post an image sized as such would not be recommended. However, if the image is a panoramic one with dimensions of, for example, 2400 x 800 pixels, then this would appear sized at 800 x 800 on the screen if the 2400 width was used in sizing it and the scrollbar would allow the viewer to view the full resolution image comfortably by scrolling it across the screen.

The first image below shows the locations of both the 'ResizeLink' and 'imagesize=' codes on the posting page and the next two images beneath that are of an image I have linked to which has been sized at 200 and 400 pixel widths. The next image is the actual size image using the 'ResizeLink' code. The final image is the same image sized to 1000 pixels width and shows the scroll bar beneath it.

It should be noted that the scroll bar will always appear at the bottom of the post after the last image and any other text, even if that image is not the one that is intended to scroll so it would be recommended to post the large image at the bottom of the post. Note that all the images and text within the body of the post will scroll left off the screen as well. Note also the line of text that appears above the scroll bar.

To use the link, insert the width required immediately after the '=' sign and paste the URL of the image between the two sets of code as shown here:
[imagesize=400]FULL IMAGE URL HERE[/imagesize]

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

Your feedback on this would be appreciated by answering the question at the top of the post.

External Image posting BB Codes.JPG

200 pixel width

400 pixel width

actual size

1000 pixel width displaying at 800 pixels, scrolls with the bar below

This text was typed after the last linked image but appears above the scroll bar below.
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